We wanted an epic energetic board game

When my group first met together to work on this project, we decided we wanted to create a fun competitive game for children (anywhere from 8-16) with rounds that didn't take too long to play. In addition, there should be an aspect of randomness so no one person could just consistently dominate round after round. Having some sort of interesting board mechanics would also set our project apart from other board games.

Thus Helios was born!

My fellow collaborators were Leyda Febus who helped greatly in creating and flushing out concepts, Caleb Wolff who's responsible for the planet graphics for the board as well as other promotional materials and Catherine Norwood who helped with photography.


But I didn't stop there

The board game was so fun to work on and the graphic style in which it was executed easily lent itself to a screen. So I decided to individually take the project a step further and explore the possibility if Helios was a mobile video game.

The game would be split into two modes.  One that plays like a digital version of the board game that can be played against your friends or strangers online. And another mode would function like an old 80s space arcade collection.

Because the board game is turn based it could take a while before other players make their move so the arcade mode would serve as a fun way to entertain in the meantime. Having both of the option to play for long periods of time and short increments would add to the convenience aspect of the mobile game.

To see a working prototype of the app CLICK THE ICON up above.