"This one time at band camp..."

I was contacted by one of the band moms I knew back from when I was in the Hilliard Bradley Marching Band. She told me that they needed a cool design for the 41st Hilliard Band Invitational.

Being a marching band alumni and a graphic designer she thought I would be the perfect man for the job. I'm so glad that she thought so because I had a blast working on this project and seeing it through production.


Making my middle school band director proud and snapping a pic of the hard working volunteers. Without their work and planning events like the Hilliard Invitational would simply not be possible.

me and davol.jpg

Well... why stop at Just one?

Because I made so many instruments for the overall design of the invitational, I thought it would be a cool and marketable idea to use the same graphics to make a whole ensemble of band designs. 


It really started with these guys

Before I was asked to do the invitational design, I made shirts for the current members of the Hilliard Bradley low brass section. This year marks the 3rd year in a row in which I've had the privilege to make some work that really brings a sense of joy. 

Being in marching band creates camaraderie and instils a sense of discipline and teamwork that is unique to each section. Having an original design that reflects this always gets the kids excited. Plus there's a certain satisfaction one gets when you have the coolest shirts in the band.


This year is makes no exception.