"These Old Bones" is an interactive dinosaur exhibit that was featured at the 2017 CCAD Chroma Show. The focus centering around mankind's quest for buried knowledge. Its main attractions utilize life size, animated, projected dinosaurs and a physical dinosaur puppet.

Additionally, the exhibit also includes wall infographics and laser cut skeletal decorations for visual presence, as well as a scavenger hunt to discover more dinosaurs and get participants to see other artwork on display at the Chroma Show.

This exhibit was my executed for my senior thesis project and was made possible with the combined efforts of my professors, my mentor and my collaborators Jesse Cutrell and Jonathan Crocetti.




I wanted to have an animated element that could convey the dynamic scale and motion of the different dinosaurs. Thus I purchased some 3d dinosaur models and had my friend Jesse Cutrell help me with the animations. 


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